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  • “Insistence on quality” certificate presented to Pishgaman Tose-e Ertebatat Company
    2013-03-14 09:26:34

    According to the public relations office of Pishgaman cooperative group, the “Insistence on Quality” national award in communication and IT field was presented to Pishgaman Cooperative group representative.

  • province appreciated Pishgaman group public relations
    2013-03-10 08:24:14

    Yazd governor and the director of culture and Islamic guidance in Yazd province appreciated Pishgaman group public relations

  • Yazd Provincial Governor demanded rapid acceleration in Pishgaman Dry Port development
    2013-01-08 09:47:52

    Yazd Provincial Governor emphasized the importance of Pishgaman Dry Port in economical and industrial development of the province and called for accelerating development of the project.

  • 18th ELECOMP fair started in Tehran; Pishgaman Group participating
    2013-01-08 09:46:54

    The 18th International e-commerce, electronic and computer (ELECOMP) exhibition kicked off in Tehran on Sunday Dec 9th, at Tehran Permanent Fair ground with participation of 386 domestic and international companies.

  • Pishgaman and Sharif University of Technology collaborate to create a website for Iranian students
    2013-01-08 09:45:54

    Pishgaman Cooperative Group along with Sharif University of Technology is providing a special service for Iranian students in the form of a social network.

  • Pishgaman public relations office selected at Muslim public relations practitioners congress
    2013-01-05 09:47:35

    Public relations office of Pishgaman Cooperative Group was selected and acknowledges at Muslim public relations practitioners congress.

  • Service-oriented architecturecourse held by Pishgaman Keifiat Gostar Company for the first time
    2013-01-01 11:48:53

    The service-oriented architecture course was held by Pishgaman Keifiat Gostar Company for the first time, in Yazd.

  • Pishgaman Kaipod Company will hold general and specialized courses on “Information Security”
    2013-01-01 11:41:07

    Pishgaman Kaipod Company has created different new courses in its education department which will cover a wide range of audience and due to high interests will be presented in the last quarter of the year.

  • Pishgaman ADSL service; superior quality and quantity
    2012-12-25 13:25:31

    Shavarani, head of electronic sport association of Sport and Youth ministry, visited Pishgaman stall at Telecom Exhibition and expressed satisfaction on cooperation with the group on computer and online games and said: “We have been collaborating with Pishgaman for 5 years.”

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