Awards and recognitions

Due to involvement of Pishgaman group and its member companies in different fields, they have received many awards, presents and honors. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ranked the highest cooperative group in 1385, 1386, and 1389
  • Selected job creator in 1387.
  • Special cooperative group across the nation (1388)
  • Selected as the best contractor of rural ICT offices in Iran(1388)
  • Named as the biggest high-speed ADSL internet provider in Iran
  • Selected at ITA biannual festival (as Iran's advanced internet provider)
  • Iran’s RFID superior operator (1388)
  • National internet star (1388, 1389)
  • Acknowledged at 'national faces of  industry and business congress' (1389)                                       
  • Attaining higher ranking as the superior national cooperative group by Pishghaman Diar Kariman cooperative company in 1390

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