Pishgaman cooperative group activities

Although the main focus of Pishgaman cooperative group is IT, they also provide services in other fields, including;

  • Financial and banking activities as a finance and credit institute
  • International telephone service (040) which provides a cheaper and easier way for making international calls
  • Owner and operator of the biggest national submarine optic fiber project
  • Introducing Tose'e Bandarkhoshk Kosar cooperative company to provide a custom services in central Iran for import/export purposes instead of Northern/Southern coasts



The group's other activities are as follows:


High speed ADSL internet provision

High speed internet providing has been the most important service of Pishgaman since its foundation. It is offered through representative branches and provincial companies. Pishgaman is one of the most important national companies in this field and with 150 representatives, has 15000 customers.



Insurance industry

There are more than 15000 share holders in Pishgaman cooperative group. Also presence of the company in different production fields, consulting, IT and network projects execution, and also finance and investments requires credits and insurance support to secure a stable future for Pishgaman.



Welcoming the public investors

As general public trust Pishgaman and the success of its projects, they have always been interested in investing in the groups' different projects. Therefore, based on principle no.44 (matters 10 and 17) of co-operation law, Pishgaman welcomes all investors and tries to gain the highest value added for them.


Pishgaman finance and credit institute


  • Providing banking services supervised by Iran central bank
  • Funds distribution, and facility provision
  • Collection  and management of public deposits (natural and legal persons)
  • Issuing credit cards for members and share holders
  •, Tel: (0351)5253545

بازدید: 3225

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