Brief look at Pishgaman Group

Leading to globalization by thinking cooperatively

Since the beginning of Pishgaman Kavir Yazd cooperative group circle formation by a small but unanimous, dedicated, and strong minded group, achieving a better future along with the highly valued goals has been our main focus. Planning and trying to achieve those has continually been on our minds and today we have reached where we hoped for- with the help of God Almighty, and we are sure that we will build the future as we planned yesterday.

Although Pishgaman was established as a not so big cooperative company in IT and communication field, today it is like a strong, well-developed tree and thank to God it is flourishing even further day by day.

By establishing a cooperative group and unanimous, honest collaborations, we showed that you can achieve whatever you believe.

We believe by having faith, commitment, and reflection in a cooperative format, all our aims would be accomplished.

Pishgaman cooperative group, rose from Yazd, the land of “subterranean passages, worshiping, and contentment”, however, for globalization and worldwide presence, we have gone across the fabulous desert and are presenting our services in other parts of the country, and soon the resonance of our presence would be echoed all over the world.



Pishgaman at a glance

Foundation: 1375(1986)

  • Main fields of activity: Information technology and communication
  • Other fields activity: Banking, Insurance, air/rail transport, Submarine fiber optic, and …
  • Number of employees: direct employment: 400, indirect employment: more than 1500
  • No. of member companies: at present 26
  • Economic model: cooperative economy                
  • Main services: Investment in ICT
  • Scope of services: custom-production of web-based software, RFID services, smart systems, video conferencing, secure servers, and other value added services
  • Geographical areas of activity: Branches in Kerman, Isfanhan, Qazvin, Fars, Boushehr, Greater khorasan, Hormozgan provinces and also Canada, Emirates and Malaysia.

بازدید: 4357

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